The ill Flava Records Vision

Ill Flava Records aims to be the first Hip Hop Label in Britain to deliver a true reflection of the life style lead by the British street Youth. The label has never been interested in chart success; instead Ill Flava has always focused on delivering a culture to its listeners. Now firmly established, the label aims to prove that you can prosper financially in British music without having to make commercial material. Though proud of its history, Karl Hinds feels that Ill Flava should not be considered a U.K. Hip Hop label, but a company that makes Hip Hop music in the U.K. Karl has always been clear about defining Ill Flava’s sound and it’s easy to see why. As Hip Hop has evolved, Ill Flava has changed with it, refusing to conform to the stagnant sound that once plagued Hip Hop music in Britain.

This is the end of the beginning for Ill Flava Records - “we keep it pushing”.

ill Flava Records - Our History

In 2001  Ill Flava Records negotiated its first deal with a major label, licensing “Don Gramma” to Wordplay, a subsidiary of Virgin music group. Within its first year, Ill Flava Records had released one of the greatest British Hip Hop records of all time. The label’s first album “Hindsight” (by Karl Hinds) built on the success generated by the early singles “The Next” and “Get to know me” (both by Karl Hinds) and was compared to albums made by Dr Dre, Jay Z and KRS One by critics who widely regard Hindsight as a classic album.

By 2003  Ill Flava records had become a name known around Europe and a deal was negotiated for the label to release German producer DJ Dynamite’s album ”Welcome to the world of Joni Rewind.” The album included music by artists from the USA, UK, Jamaica and Germany. This collaboration brought Ill Flava international recognition with material by outstanding artists such as Capleton, Blak Twang, Estelle, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, among many others.

Ill Flava Records - Our History
2006 - 2009

2006  saw Ill Flava team up with JPM Recordings to launch the career of Rapper Serocee, releasing his debut single “Life” proving that the label is prepared to back street talent.

2008 - 2009  after recognizing the labels massive potential on-line Karl Hinds set about developing . Hinds saw the opportunity for the label to deliver its music to a wider audience without restriction or prejudice. With the development of its own on-line shop and other digital distribution deals the labels record sales have soared without the having to compromise its integrity or credibility.

Ill Flava Records - Our History
2012 - 2014

In 2012  Ill Flava Records officially entered the mixtape scene with the release of Karl Hinds debut mixtape “Black Timing”. The project spurned a video for the track “Future” (featuring Durrty Goodz) and was yet another critically acclaimed product for the label.

2013  saw Ill Flava Records make a move, which will solidify its future as an Urban Music leader by signing BGR (Miss R Lee). Miss R Lee was immediately featured on SBTV and also nominated for Best Upcoming Female Act by HipHop Nation.

in 2014  ill Flava Records dropped BGR’s (Miss R Lee) first project on the label “Red N Black (Rouge Edition)”. This Mixtape exposed BGR to a wider audience and spurned 3 music videos “Ali Bomaye” which premiered on SBTV, “Truth” and “Bad”.