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Karl Hinds
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Tracklist Preview

1.    Intro
2.   The Next 2002: Progress Report
3.   Don Gramma
4.   Mistaken I.D.  (feat Wildflower)
5.   Hindsight
6.   Get to know me  (feat Nicole Benoit)
7.   Why you trippin?  (feat Demolition Man)
8.   Murderous Verses  (feat T. Hinds & Grimlock)
9.   So they say
10.  I don't think so mate
11.   Rasharn
12.  31/09: One day in my life  (feat Karl Hinds)
13.  Don't Forget  (feat Seanie T, Vince & Blak Twang)
14.  Take it back  (feat Estelle)
15.  Relate to me

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