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Digital download Support
It only makes sence to help you support us

We sell digital download versions of our products directly from this site.  It is a secure way to get high quality digital music and video formats of everything we release (past and present).  All our payments are securely processed through PayPal or Coinbase and are available to download immediately.  If you experience any issues we are here to help, click on the following statements closest to your issue and let us guide you through what to do.

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How to download a digital ill Flava product  –  Video Tutorial

How to download a digital ill Flava product  –  Step-by-Step instructions

ill Flava  -  Downloading Instructions

Digital Downloads - Step by Step Instructions
Before You Begin

iPhone Users :  Before you purchase any of our downloads we recommend you go to the Apple App Store, search & download an app called Documents By Readle.  Once you download our Digital Products we suggest saving the Zip File to this app as it will facilitate the unzipping and playing of these files on your iPhone.

Step 1   From the website’s Navigation Bar select Store.  From the Store Page select Digital Store or Video Store.

Step 2   Once inside the Digital Store or (Video Store) you will see all the products available, click on the product you wish to purchase..

Step 3   Once on the Product’s page you can choose to buy the entire Product OR individual tracks, just click on the corresponding GREEN BUTTON

Step 4   You’ll be directed to the PayPal Checkout Page, log in to your PayPal account, check the Product information and price, once your happy click the Pay Now button.

Step 5   PayPal will direct you to a Payment Confirmation Page, scroll down to the Return To Merchant button.

Step 6  This is the important step, click on the Return to Merchant button, this will trigger the Product to start downloading to your Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet.

Step 7   Once your Download is complete your smartphone may display the Zip File and ask you what steps you’d like to take next.

Step 8   Smartphone users : Your phone might prompt you to select where you want to save the file(s). iPhone users should select Documents by Readle to save the file(s)to.

Android Smartphone users may find the file(s) will automatically save to the Downloads Folder.

Step 9   Computer / Laptop users : Once your Download is triggered your Computer / Laptop may ask you if you want to open the file(s) or if you want to save the file(s). Some Web Browsers will typically save the file(s) to the Download Folder unprompted.

Step 10   Smartphone users : If your on an iPhone and you’ve saved the file(s) to Documents by Readle, enter this app, click on the Zip Folder of the product and it will unzip ready for you to play the track(s). Enjoy