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Red N Black   (Rouge Edition)
BGR (Miss R Lee)
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Tracklist Full Streams

1.   Intro Freestyle   (SBTV Lyric Lab with Durrty Goodz)
2.   Ali Bomaye  (feat Karl Hinds) - (The Game Cover)
3.   Truth  (Produced by Track Medix)
4.   Work  (feat Karl Hinds) - (Produced by Teckzilla)
5.   Ideology  (Produced by Track Medix)
6.   Bow Down  (Beyonce Remix)
7.   Finding it  (Produced by Bayoz Muzik)
8.   Stay Scheming  (feat Karl Hinds) - (Rick Ross Cover)
9.   Sinner  (feat Jayde)   (Produced by Track Medix)
10.  Bad  (Produced by Basix Beats)
11.   You Do  (feat J Melo) - (Kirko Bangz Cover)
12.  Sky High   (D Dark   feat GT Solo, Jamming & BGR)
13.  Choose - (Timbaland Cover)
14.  Rough Ride  (Justin Timberlake Cover)
15.  I go so  (Produced by Rabbit Productions)
16.  Closest Thing  (Drake Cover)
17.  WNQ  (Produced by Bayoz Muzik)

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