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Have Patience
Karl Hinds   

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Tracklist  Preview
 1.   Intro
 2.   You Done Know  (feat Toyin & Seanie T)
 3.   Know the complex
 4.   Physco Analysis  
 5.   How to find wifey  (feat Seanie T)
 6.   Do i wonna battle?
 7.   The Verdict  
 8.   Let's Av It  (feat Skinnyman)
 9.   Your Hip Hop Forgot  
10.  Leave me alone  
11.  You piss me off  (feat Tempa)  
12.  Still Murdering Em  (feat Grimlock)  
13.  Lord of da blings  (feat Roots Manuva & Seanie T)  
14.  Sliding doors  
15.  London Unground Pt2  (Freestyle) cuts by DJ MK

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