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BGR (Miss R Lee)

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1. Intro Freestyle  (SBTV Lyric Lab with Durrty Goodz)
2. Ali Bomaye  (feat Karl Hinds) - (The Game Cover)
3. Truth  (Produced by Track Medix)
4. Work  (feat Karl Hinds) - (Produced by Teckzilla)
5. Ideology  (Produced by Track Medix)
6. Bow Down  (Beyonce Remix)
7. Finding it (Produced by Bayoz Muzik)
8. Stay Scheming (feat Karl Hinds)  (Rick Ross Cover)
9. Sinner  (feat Jayde)  (Produced by Track Medix)
10. Bad  (Produced by Basix Beats)
11. You Do  (feat J Melo) - (Kirko Bangz Cover)
12. Sky High   (D Dark feat GT Solo, Jamming & BGR)
13. Choose - (Timbaland Cover)
14. Rough Ride  (Justin Timberlake Cover)
15. I go so  (Produced by Rabbit Productions)
16. Closest Thing  (Drake Cover)
17. WNQ  (Produced by Bayoz Muzik)