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Welcome to the world of...
Joni Rewind
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Tracklist Preview

1.   Dubplate Intro   (Pull up)   (feat Junior Reid)
2.  Inna dance   (feat DJ Mixwell, Karl Hinds & Seanie T)
3.  Can't fuck with them  (feat Diamond D, Jahal, Lord Finesse)  
4.  Madness   (Joni's theme)   (feat Blak Twang)
5.  What's it gonna take   (feat Capleton)
6.  Rollin   (feat Jahmali & Kulcha Knox)
7.  Travelin' man   (feat D-Flame & Phantom Black)
8.  Rude boy link   (feat CoCo Bruvas & Rodney P)
9.  Upright  (feat Jahmeek)
10. Wherever you are  (feat Mystro)
11.  Uptown Top Rankin  (feat Estelle)
12. Nuff a dem a bling   (feat Blak Twang & Merciless)
13. One thing never changes   (feat Jahmali)

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