You Aint Ghost
 1.D Shanks - intro
 2.(Produced by DJ Drematic) - Soundin Like Me Mix
 3.ghostface killah ft Kandace Springs - Love Don’t Live Here No More
 4.ghostface killah ft Raekwon & Adrian Younge - Let The Record Spin
 5.ghostface killah ft Raekwon - The Watch
 6.ghostface killah ft Jadakiss - Run
 7.We Are The G.O.D’s – The Delfonics Skit
 8.ghostface killah ft Raekwon, J Dilla, Inspecta Deck & Method Man - House Of Flying Daggers
 9.ghostface killah ft AZ - New York
10.ghostface killah ft Masta Killah and Raekwon - It’s What it is
11.ghostface killah ft Napolean - Game
12.ghostface killah ft Method Man, Inspecta Deck, U God, Raekwon & GZA - Lay Your Hammer Down
13.Interlude - I Aint Tryinga Sound Like You
14.ghostface killah ft AZ - Blood in the Streets
15.ghostface killah ft Trife Da God Trief, Ill Mind & Myone - Milk Em
16.ghostface killah ft Cappadonna & Raekwon - In The Ghetto
17.ghostface killah ft Roc Marciano, Bustah Rhymes and Raekwon - The Heist
18.ghostface killah ft Raekwon - Faster Blade
19.ghostface killah ft Trife Da God, Cappadonna & Killa Sin - Gunz and Razors
20.ghostface killah ft Masta Killah, Raekwon, Cappadonna & GZA - Wu Banga 101
21.One Interlude
22.ghostface killah ft La The Darkman & 12 O Clock - Wu Blood Kin
23.ghostface killah ft Sun God - Street Opera
24.Wu Tang Will Survive – The Delfonics Skit #2
25.ghostface killah ft Mobb Deep - Right Back At You
26.ghostface killah ft Mary J Blige - All I That I Got Is You
27.ghostface killah ft K Def & Larry O, Lord Tariq, Cappadonna, Killa SinIvan Ave - Find Me
28.Snatch That Up Interlude
29.ghostface killah ft Lupe Fiasco - Spray Paints and Ink Pens
30.ghostface killah ft Raekwon, Method Man and Lord Superb - Flowers (Original Version)
31.ghostface killah ft William Hart of the Delfonics & Adrian Younge - Enemies All Around Me

You Aint Ghost
Welcome to another Draft Pick Mix Show

This time we pay homage to a hip hop legend in the making, Ghostface Killah from the ground breaking hip hop group Wu Tang Clan. As fast as hip hop changes, good music never dies and Ghostface Killah is living proof of this fact.

For a long time now, I have been a fan of Wu Tang and try to keep up to date with their new releases by checking regularly. We have been blessed to have guest appearances with many Wu Tang Affiliated artists like Dom Pacino, Buddha Monk, Fes Taylor, Cappadonna, Kinetic 9 and Killah Preist, but one of my favourites (Ghostface Killah) eluded me. I have been looking for an excuse to mix a bunch of Ghostface gems for many years now, thanks to Action Bronson, an up and coming hip hop artist’s comments, do I finally get my wish.

By now we have all seen the Ghostface’s rant on Action Bronson and no doubt many pockets of the hip hop media have weighed in with an opinion, to us we just want to remind people of what Ghostface has done thus far with the provocatively entitled mix ‘You Aint Ghost’. Just to clear up, we aren’t anti Action Bronson! Hosted by D Shanks and the intro was done by the talented DJ Dr3Matic,