Legacy : A Tribute to TY
 1.TY and Knew Rulz - intro
 2.Brixton Baby
 3.Kingdem - Kingstep
 4.Interlude with TY and Knew Rulz - Hip Hop
 5.Look 4 Me
 6.Talib Kweli & Hi Tek ft Blak Twang & TY - Down for the Count
 7.TY ft De La Soul & TY - The Idea
 8.Sophisticated and Coarse
 9.Put The Music Before Yourself - Interlude with TY and Knew Rulz
10.Somewhere, Somehow, Someway
11.TY ft Roots Manuva - So You Want More (Remix)
12.Interlude with TY and Knew Rulz - Because of TY
13.Mind Made Up
14.Let’s Start
16.Kingdem - We’re Just Saying
17.Interlude with TY and Knew Rulz - I’m In A Different Position
18.I Want To
20.Interlude with TY and Knew Rulz - One Style
21.Kingdem - Rhino
22.Baby J ft Rukus, TY, Klashnekoff & Yogi - Let it Go (Remix)
23.Interlude with TY and Knew Rulz - What’s Your Secret

Legacy : A Tribute to TY
I’ve known TY since 2002 when I decided to give this mixtape thing a go. To be honest, I don’t remember whether it was at a community meeting, at Dark n Cold or whether I was introduced by another artist. One thing is for sure, he was always a stand up guy. He supported me in the early days when I was doing mixtapes and also when I had the shop in Oxford Street.

He was as outspoken in person as he was in his music, he was hard working and was often to be seen in the west end selling copies of his own album that he’d purchased from his label. Few people could hustle as hard as TY and music wise he owned his own lane. He inspired me to improve my hustle and constantly look to fine tune my mixes.

Man, 2020 must be the worst year for many people and Covid 19 is a real devil for taking TY away from us, the only thing we can do is remember how high a level TY took hip hop to and I have prepared a mix to help us to do just that. I hope you enjoy it!

Knew Rulz : Tha Mixtape Author