You Aint God 3 : Preach To The Choir - The Drugs Game Is Dead
 1.Big Dutty Boris - County Lines Gangs Intro
 2.Tr Trizzy - Rumours
 3.Potter Payper ft M Huncho - Destined to be Interlude
 4.Young Thug - Tik Tok
 5.Big Dutty Boris - Tougher Interlude
 6.Jay-Ef x Wordsworth - Sinister
 7.Mo3 & Morray - In My Blood
 8.Styles P x Havoc - Nightmares Dreams
 9.O Finesse ft Profit Dinero - Living Proof
10.Ransom x Rome Streetz - No Remorse
11.War On Drugs - Interlude
12.M24 – Back In Blood
13.CoryTrappin - Honestly
14.D Double E ft Chip - G’s Only
15.The Weekend ft Drake - The Zone
16.P Money x Silencer ft Chip, D Double E & Dizzee Rascal - Stuttering
17.Vic Spenser & Mil Beats - Rough Environment
18.GIO – Hot
19.Two Face ft RV, ShaSimone & Gully - Again Remix
20.Unregulated Street Dealers - Interlude
21.Freeway - More Freedom
22.OT The Real x DJ Green Lantern ft Millyz - Go To War
23.Teflon – Life In The FEDS (Produced by Primo)
24.Long Story Longer ft Speech - We All Hood
25.Freddie Gibbs ft Jadakiss - Black Illuminati
26.26. Spose ft Termanology – Never Stop
27.Big Success – Interlude
28.Big Boi Sleepy Brown ft Kay-I - Big Sleepover
29.29. J Littles & Claude Money - Undaunted
30.Cris Streetz ft Jadakiss - Get It Str8
31.DVSN & Ty Dolla Sign ft YG – Can’t Tell
32.Gorilla Joe & Jacquees – Top Of The Week
33.Mink Slide - Phone Down
34.Yuna ft Usher - Crush
35.Student Spliff - Outro

You Aint God 3 : Preach To The Choir - The Drugs Game Is Dead
This time out we are making a statement: Get out of the drug game, Boris is coming for you.

I was watching the Channel 4 news and there was a report into treating drug users as victims of the drug trade, nothing wrong with this, but if they are the victims, who are the perpetrators?

They interviewed Boris in ‘full kit w*nker’ Police attire (it has to be seen to be believed), he was saying that they are looking to decriminalise drug users and further criminalise drug pushers. Is it worth the risk? When you include jail time, you’re probably earning less than minimum wage and the courts always punish black people harsher.

Some drug pushers are also victims, where is their support and humanisation in the media? Or even in Channel 4’s report?!

Money is being made from Grime and Drill with record companies profiting from our communities’ young talent. The reality of streets life is being lived by many and sold by few with little reward and a big fat juicy stigma attached. White mainstream artists do features with us to boost their popularity and maximise their income without having to take on that stigma and won’t be targeted in any way. The game is rigged, get out of it or just don’t take part. Find a different solution.

As elders, we shouldn’t be afraid to guide the youth when we see that they are walking into a trap, even if it makes us look old or square. What happens when they get criminalised, and they turn round and blame our generation for not warning them? But hey, let’s face it, I’m probably preaching to the choir!

This mix includes UK Drill, US Streets, Underground Hip Hop and RnB.