Talk is cheap aka Sim Slap
1. Chris Rock Intro
2. Cee Drilla  –  Talk Is Cheap
3. Chris Rock  –  Wow Interlude
4. Light  –  Scriptures
5. Will Smith  –  Out Ya Mouth Interlude
6. Ransom & Big Ghost LTD Ft. RJ Payne  –  The Red Wedding
7. Young Roddy & Conway the Machine  –  Out the Hood
8. Chris Rock  –  I’m Going To Interlude
9. Krohme Ft.Breez Evahflowin, Muja Messiah, Kahlee, Cesar Comanche, L.I.F.E. Long  –  Hell or High Water
10.Benny The Butcher feat. Conway the Machine  –  Fly With Me
11.Joell Ortiz  –  OG
12.Styles P  –  Hit Different
13.Planet Asia  –  I Know You Know
14.Will Smith  –  Talk Crazy Interlude
15.Bread of Kaliwild Ft. Sadat X, Lord Jamar & Sirius  –  Star
16.RJ Payne Ft. O.C. (D.I.T.C.)  –  Appleton And Perett
17.Will Smith  –  Protect People
18.Elujay ft Leroy Torawno  –  Calling My Name Remix
19.Ruste Juxx Ft. Bernadette Price  –  I'm Not Like These Other Rappers
20.Chuck Cash Ft. Jim Jones & Jadakiss  –  Levels Is Good (Remix)
21.Will Smith  –  Crazy Things Interlude
22.Flee Lord & Tiona Deneice  –  All I Need
23.Chris Rock Outro

Talk is cheap aka Sim Slap
Welcome back to the Draft Pick Mix Show.

This episode is centred around the recent events regarding our two brothers Chris Rock and Will Smith.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said, dunno mate! What I know is, Chris Rock is a Gee.

The fact that his initial reactions weren’t to play dead or contact the ambulance chaser with the biggest leg muscles, gives him my respect. He is on code. Wish more brothers were on
People talk about real manhood, that’s real manhood right there. He stuck to the code, under the most duress.

As for Will, boy, the next dude he tries that on might duck and follow through with uppercuts. That was a one off, I doubt he’ll repeat that. I respect that he went after that Williams movie and must’ve done it justice to be nominated for awards, but brov?! Assault?! With witnesses?! What were you thinking?

All that weight training and the only target you can find is Chris Rock… Chris Rock?! All that muscle mass and at the end of the day the bigger man is Chris Rock. I’m disappointed that when you sobered up, you could only find apologies for the oppressor, not for your brother, who refuses to press charges by the way. It’s like my Jamaican friend used to say; ‘Duppy know who fi frighten!’

Anyway, nuff of my 2 pence, enjoy the mix family!