Earl Grey Presents  –  Spurrsy is Dead
1. We Are Tottenham TV – Un-Be-Pucking-Leivable Intro
2. Cesar Comanche & Poe Mack – Happy Talk
3. Remedy Cure+ - Vibing
4. Ambassador Rick – 100%
5. Roy Keane – In The Club’s DNA Interlude
6. Messiah 243 – keep up
7. Wohdee – Wauaww
8. Frisco ft P money and Dizzee Rascal
9. Done Wright x 38 Spesh x Elcamino x M. Reck - They Don't Know
10. Jamie O Hara – Spursy Is Real Interlude
11. Jafet Muzik and Dr G – Heavenly Father
12. Krs-One – Achieve The levels
13. Apollo Brown & Stalley – Lost Souls
14. Snotty - Tucced Feat. Smoovth & Hus Kingpin
15. Dynamo Zagreb – It Is Horrible Interlude
16. Hrsmen - This Shit Right Here
17. Chelsea TV - They Just Fucked It For Themselves Interlude
18. Joey Bada$$ - Head High
19. Theme Ft Skirmish and Emceekilla – Last Of A Dying Breed
20. Gary Neville – Spineless and Soft Interlude
21. DV Alias Khryst - Relentless
22. Ransom – Overnight success
23. Shabaam Shadeeq & Nick Wiz ft UG of Cella Dwellas & DV Alias Khryst – Watch Your Mouth
24. Expressions – No Luck Interlude
25. Crazeski – Bloodline
26. Blackstar - Tribute
27. Martin Jol – Lasagne Gate
28. Krs-One - Crazy
Earl Grey  –  Spurrsy is Dead
It’s the hope that kills you.

Tottenham Hotspur football club have given themselves a reputation of bottlers. A bunch of football players who flatter, only to disappoint at the last minute. Every season, they give you a reason to be embarrassed to support them. How do I know this? Coz I support them.

It started out positive when I started to support them as a kid living in Stamford Hill in 1981. My cousin convinced me to support them instead of Liverpool, his argument was that Kenny Dalglish was probably a racist (funny how well that statement aged when you consider his reaction to the Louis Suarez race row).

Added incentive was that there were no black Liverpool players and Tottenham did have a young Garth Crooks and I don’t remember any black players at Liverpool till John Barnes joined them in 1987.

So I supported Tottenham and the Cups came rolling in until 1987 when we lost the FA Cup Final against Coventry, since then its been mostly downhill. We became so bad, and unlucky. We could be comfortably winning a game then we lose it by a landslide score, we could try to buy players only to get gazumped at the last minute. We have been food poisoned, beaten regularly by our arch rivals, had clear goals disallowed, dubious penalties awarded against us, phantom goals scored against us, our best players routinely poached by bigger teams, just anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

It was so bad that a nickname was created….Spursy.

Spursy encapsulates everything that could happen to prevent us from achieving success, it is a word for us finding a way to turn an advantageous position into a calamity.

However there is a strong suggestion that Spursy is about to be buried for good and I’m gonna be the first to say it….Spursy is dead and I won’t be mourning him!

In this mixtape we have included some Spursy moments mixed in with an unapologetic brand of lyrically driven Hip Hop from the U.K and U.S.