Rainy Season - Shock G
1. Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
2. Digital Underground – No Nose Job
3. Prince – Love Sign (Shock G Remix)
4. Digital Underground – Heartbeat Props
5. Saafir – Sending You A Signal (Produced by Shock G)
6. No Face ft Shock G – No Brothas Allowed
7. Money B ft Shock G – Miss Bartender
8. 2Pac ft Shock G – What You Wont Do For Love (Demo)
9. Digital Underground – Wassup With The Love
10.Biz Markie ft Shock G – The Odd Couple
11.Mac Mall ft Shock G – Chassy
12.The Luniz ft Shock G – I Got 5 On It (Remix)
13.2Pac ft Shock G – I Get Around
14.Digital Underground – Doo Woo You
15.Raw Fusion – Rockin To The PM (Produced by Shock G)
16.Digital Underground – The Packet Man
17.Digital Underground – Kiss You Back
18.George Clinton ft Digital Underground – Knee Deep (Midnight Mix)
19.Saafir – Liquid Ho Magnet (Produced by Shock G)
20.Shock G – Who’s Clean
21.Money B ft Sulpacio Jones, Shock G & Marsha Lurry – Come N Bounce
22.Fatlip ft Shock G – Freaky Pumps
23.Digital Underground ft KRS One – I Shall Return
24.Esinchill ft Digital Underground – Let The Beat Breathe
25.Rhythm & Green ft Shock G – Do What You Want
26.2Pac – Shed So Many Tears (Produced by Shock G)
27.Whoriders – Tru Playas (Shock G Remix)
28.Digital Underground ft Big Pun – The Mission
29.Digital Underground – Do What You Like
30.Monie Love – Don’t Funk Wid The Mo (Shock G Remix)
Rainy Season - Shock G
Welcome back to the Draft Pick Mix Show.

Last year Hip Hop lost 3 heavyweights, all within the month of April. Each artist brought a unique energy and contribution to the Culture.

This outing we are again paying tribute and respect to a hip hop icon.

To quantify his contribution to the upward development of west coast funk driven hip hop is to compare him to the likes of Isaac Hayes or George Clinton. Someone who has a signature sound behind the scenes and an unmissable presence in front.

He has had his hand in the production of the likes of 2Pac, The Luniz and Saafir, as well as his group Digital Underground.

I first discovered Shock G in the early 90‘s, my cousin’s neighbour just got cable and so he taped a whole load of ‘Yo MTV Raps’ episodes. I was learning about a bunch of music I hadn’t heard since the 80‘s after moving back to London from Essex. I instantly loved it, but Black American culture is a fast moving – ever evolving phenomenon. Let’s face it, without Black American culture, the world would be unrecognisable. So, getting back into Hip Hop was like starting to watch a soap opera that had been running for years, so many different characters with interlinked storylines …it was quite a task.

One episode was based around Digital Underground and Tupac was paying homage to these dudes, like…’it aint about me, they’re the real deal’. Such high praise, but it was well deserved.

I listened to a few albums, then to be honest, I put them down. I got into Mic Geronimo and Grand Puba, Nine and Biggie. I slept on them, to the point where, when Shock G died, I honestly didn’t realise what this meant for West Coat Hip Hop.

I saw a clip of an interview with Shock G and he said something like, ‘I always made sure I put my real name on the production whether it be for George Clinton….’ I was like George Clinton? He produced for George Clinton?! It’s only when I did some proper research that I realised that I can’t ignore this. I must take my time and produce a mix worthy of his legacy. And Family, I’ve tried my best to do so. I really hope you enjoy it.