Nepa v Brexit


1.    Unknown T – Homerton B
2.   LD ft Dizzee Rascal – Stepped In
3.   Machine Gun Kelly – Rap Devil
4.   Eminem ft Joyner Lucas - Lucky You
5.   Badoxa – Cigana Linda
6.   Young Perion – Midnight Robbery
7.   Fidel Mazembe – Ela Esta Gravida
8.   Blade Brown - 12 Summers
9.   Young Double ft Anna Joyce – Meu Bem Meu Mal
10.  BGR – Quiet Storm Freestyle
11.   Shaydee – Touch Me
12.  Jandira – Nao Tem Como
13.  MB – Abena
14.  Pete & Bas – Do One
15.  Burna Boy – Ye
16.  Young Perion – Hear The Money Calling
17.  Skepta – Energy
18.  Maleek – Long Time
19.  Sadadi – Finesse You
20. Hot Blaze ft Laylizzy – Preto De Moz
21.  Ill Blu ft Krept & Konan, Loski & Ziezie – Chop My Money
22.  Jay Moore – One In A Million

Nepa v Brexit
Welcome back.

This time we focus on the UK Drill and hip hop mixed with Afrobeat, a mixture of two very different types of mixtape thrown together.

Check out the Sex N Brexit series which is strictly UK v U.S hip hop. A lot can be said about Drill and Grime, but I love the fact that a UK sound has its own place in hip hop, so much so that American rappers are biting (Drake). Anyway aside from the Nigerian music and UK rap, there is some Kizomba music, which is a type of African music popular in Portuguese speaking countries.

Favourite tunes on here? Young Perion brings some heat and I do like the cheeky Eminem diss. However the Kizomba joint by Fidel Mazembe gets my vote!!