God Aint No Joke : Duck Down 20th Anniversary Tribute
 1.Funkmaster Flex ft Buckshot – I Aint No Joke
 2.General Steele - All Massive
 3.Cocoa Brovaz ft Mop - Bucktown Remix
 4.Heltah Skeltah - I Aint Havin That
 5.Black Moon - Who Got The Props
 6.Crooklyn Dodgers (Special Ed, Masta Ace & Buckshot) – Crooklyn
 7.Black Moon ft Mop – Annihilation
 8.Cocoa Brovaz – Get Up
 9.Originoo Gun Clappaz ft Smiff-N-Wessun & Sean Price - Girlz Ninety Now
10.Originoo Gun Clappaz ft Buckshot & Havoc (of Mobb Deep) - Suspect Niggaz
11.Kid Capri ft Buckshot and Cocoa Brovaz - Follow Me
12.Heltah Skeltah ft Originoo Gun Clappaz - Lefleur Lefleur Eshkaushkar
13.Heltah Skeltah - Sean Wiggins (R.I.P Sean Price)
14.M.S & Hairy Balls – BQE
15.Originoo Gun Clappaz - Gunn Clap
16.Buckshot, Steele & Swan - You Can’t Fuck With Us

God Aint No Joke : Duck Down 20th Anniversary Tribute
If I was to compile some of my favourite songs and freestyles I'm sure a huge chunk of them would be featuring artists on Duck Down Records.

Artists like Heltah Skeltah, Smif N Wessun and Buckshot. So you can imagine my alarm when I saw the Duck Down promo email for a live show marking 20 years of the label!

I was alarmed for 2 reasons, one that it has been 20 years (showing my age now) and two that I haven't prepared a mix to mark this anniversary. As a self proclaimed true hip hop fan, I couldn't let this go by without my personal tribute to Boot Camp Click and to Duck Down, so here it is... enjoy!