Rainy Season - DMX
1. DMX - Who We Be
2. DMX ft Sisqo – What they really want
3. DMX ft LOX – Blackout
4. Mary J Blige ft DMX – Sincerity Remix
5. Onyx ft DMX – Shut Em Down
6. DMX ft Bustah Rhymes – Why We Die
7. DJ Clue ft Ruff Ryders – Ruff Ryders Anthem Remix
8. DMX – Slippin
9. DMX ft Faith Evans – I Miss You
10.The Wake Up Show Freestyle with DMX & Onyx
11.Lil Kim ft DMX & Lox – Money, Power & Respect
12.LL Cool J ft Method Man, Redman, DMX & Canibus – 5,4,3,2,1
13.The Lox ft DMX – Bout Shit
14.Ruff Ryders – Ryde Or Die
15.Jerzee Monet ft DMX – Most High
16.John Forte ft DMX – We Got This
17.Jerzee Monet ft DMX – Most High
18.DMX – Where The Hood At
Rainy Season - DMX
Welcome back to the Draft Pick Mix Show.

Last year Hip Hop lost 3 heavyweights, all within the month of April. Each artist brought a unique energy and contribution to the Culture.

DMX made his breakthrough in 1997, to my recollection. I first heard him on the Westwood show, a clip of ‘Get At Me Dog’. The beat was the best on the show that night, then the voice?!! Whoever he was, it sounded like he meant business, he wanted his part in the game…YESTERDAY!

I gotta be honest, I was into Canibus. I believed he was the second coming of Christ and I was busy paying witness to his gospel verses, so I didn’t have the time to faff around with any pretenders. It was worse when everyone else bought into the Def Jam constructed hype.

I wasn’t trying to hear it…Canibus…people…Canibu…oh forget it. Cut a long story short, after all the fuss has died down, I’m listening to ‘Slippin’ and im thinking ‘fuuuck!!! This dude is ridiculous’. I then heard his wake up show freestyle with Onyx and I figured, I’ve got to listen to everything he has done. I became a believer.

I loved the Breakfast Club interviews, but hated some of the other stuff, with his son, his run ins with the law, his addiction. If all we knew was his music, his memory would be flawless…well guess what, that’s all i’m focussing on this mix, lets enjoy the DMX that the man wanted us to hear.