You aint G.O.A.T - The Best of Biggie Pt. 1
 1.D Shanks Intro
 2.Notorious B.I.G ft Faith Evans and Mary J Blige - One More Chance Remix
 3.Shyne – The Life
 4.Ice Cube – It was A Good Day Remix
 5.1982 (Termanology and Statik Selekta) – Still Waiting
 6.Sway & King Tech ft Big Daddy Kane, Chino XL & Kool G Rap - 3 To The Dome
 7.Eric B and Rakim – I Aint No Joke
 8.Arsonists – Blaze
 9.Notorious B.I.G ft 50 Cent – The Realest (DJ Dr3Matic Blend)
10.Krs One - Maximum Strength verse
11.Tracey Lee – Star In The East
12.Cuban Link and Big Punisher – Toe to Toe (Wu Tang Remix)
13.Kool G Rap & M.O.P – Legendary Street Team Remix
14.Black Market Militia ft R.A The Ruggedman – Rennaisance
15.DMX – Some X Shit
16.Raekwon ft Nas & Ghost Face Killah – Verbal Intercourse
17.Akinyele – In The World
18.Jazzy Jeff ft Slum Village – R U Ready
19.The Roots ft Common – The Love Of My Life
20.Junior Mafia – Get Money Remix
21.O.C – King Of New York
22.Notorious B.I.G – Gimme The Loot (DJ Dr3Matic Blend)
23.Charlie Baltimore ft Mobb Deep – Infamous
24.Non Phixion – If You Got Love
25.Big L – Ebonics
26.Notorious B.I.G – Hypnotise

You aint G.O.A.T - The Best of Biggie
Welcome to another Draft Pick Mix Show, this time we remember a hip hop legend and icon, a much loved and talented individual, the one and only Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls.

He burst on the scene just after another hip hop phenomenon in their own right, Onyx. I remember my mate where I used to work talking about the Biggie Smalls album his brother had bought in New York on cassette. He kept raving about it, to the point where I wanted to hear what all the fuss was about. Eventually when I did get to hear it, it blew my mind differently. The hardest track I’d ever heard (bar none) was ‘Gimme The Loot’, then add on the track with Meth, Juicy and the incredible ‘Warning’ and you had yourself a classic!!

He went on the Tim Westwood Show with Craig Mack and although he wasn’t rhyming ‘off the dome’, he still made a real impression. The Junior Mafia joint was disappointing as a whole, but Biggies bits were incredible. He was on top of the world, then seemingly out of the blue Tupac dissed with lyrics that it wouldn’t be right to repeat. When he died not long after Pac, it was confusing, sad, disappointing and just downright unfair! You had to question; doesn’t God like hip hop?!?

You aint G.O.A.T - The Best of Biggie Pt. 2
 1.Notorious B.I.G – 10 Crack Commandments (DJ Dr3Matic Blend)
 2.Notorious B.I.G – Who Shot Ya
 3.Nas ft Nashawn – Last Words
 4.Supastition – Bad Blood
 5.Mic Geronimo – I’m So High
 6.Jeru The Damaja – East New York Stalks
 7.Gravediggaz – The Killing Fields
 8.Kanye West ft Mos Def – 2 Words
 9.Percee P ft Vinnie Paz – Watch Yo Step
10.Jay Z ft Notorious B.I.G – Brooklyn’s Finest
11.EPMD – Never Seen Before Remix
12.EMC (Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth & Strick) ft Sean Price – Git Some
13.Lost Boyz ft A+, Redman & Canibus – Beasts From The East
14.Junior Mafia – Oh My Lord
15.The Roots – Star
16.Karl Hinds – Don Gramma
17.Capone N Noreaga ft Tragedy Khadafi & Havoc - Parole Violators
18.Souls of Mischeif – Acupunture
19.Sticky Fingaz – Dogs Is My Gunz
20.Notorious B.I.G - Juicy

You aint G.O.A.T - The Best of Biggie (Continued)
I guess we’ll never get the answer in this life, but what we can get is the best of Biggie at his peak. Now for all of you who know how I do, you’ll be aware that I do what I do best within my own lane.

All those corny DJ’s and the best of biggie compilations. I decided to use this opportunity to celebrate the great by asking the question, is Biggie truly the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)? This mix will answer all questions.

The best is only the best once he is on a track with another talented lyricist and shines in his own right. I have, therefore, created a mix that has most of the finest lyricists I know. From Jay Z to Ice Cube, Canibus to Chino XL, Rakim to KRS One, Kane to Nas. There are extra blends from the incredible DJ Dr3Matic and is hosted by D Shanks I couldn’t get everyone on, but honourable mentions to Consequence, Chip Fu, MCD (Silent Eclipse), Skinnyman, Edo G, McGruff, The Alkoholiks, Eminem, FT, Phi Life Cypher, Freddy Foxxx, Papoose, De La Soul, Guru (R.I.P), Treach, Scarface, Xibit and Kam. If your name isn’t there ….sorry.

You aint G.O.A.T - The Best of Biggie Pt. 3
 1.Notorious B.I.G – Me and My Bitch Live
 2.Junior Mafia – Lets Get It On
 3.LL Cool J ft Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown – I Shot Ya Remix
 4.Tony Touch ft O.C & Fat Joe - Emcees Freestyle
 5.Craig Mack ft Notorious B.I.G, Rampage, Bustah Rhymes & LL Cool J
 6.Onyx – Last Dayz
 7.Junior Mafia – Player’s Anthem Remix
 8.Little Brother ft Supastition – Doin Me
 9.Notorious B.I.G – Warning
10.GZA ft Masta Killah, Ol Dirty Bastard & Inspector Deck – Dual Of The Iron Mic
11.Show and A.G ft Krs One & Big Pun – Drop It Heavy
12.Cuban Link ft Nore, Lord Tariq, M.O.P & Kool G Rap – Men Of Business
13.Axe – 100 to 1
14.Erykah Badu & Common – The Light Remix
15.Mos Def & Talib Kweli – Another World Remix
16.Cool Breeze ft Goodie Mob & Outkast – Watch For The Hook
17.Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger The Gambler – Real Live
18.Cormega ft Mobb Deep – Killaz Theme
19.Brand Nubian – Brand Nubian
20.Shaquille O Neal ft Notorious B.I.G – You Cant Stop The Reign