DPMS November 2008 - with Buff 1 and Sway
 1.D Shanks, Buff 1 & Sway Intro
 2.Buff1 – Once
 3.Nina C & Sway – Focused On The Single Interlude
 4.Sway ft Lemar – Saturday Night Hustle
 5.D Shanks & Buff 1 – Classic Like Thriller Jackets Interlude
 6.Buff 1 – For U
 7.Killah Preist ft Chief Kamanchi – Reflections
 8.D.I.T.C ft D Flow, O.C, A.G, & Milano – Hard Hit
 9.Termanology ft Prodigy – Hood Shit
10.Jeedy Jawz, Black The Ripper & Randon Impulse – One
11.Sway – More Than Just A Producer Interlude
12.Taz ft Sway - Cowboy Movie
13.Hammer - Stinkin
14.Sway – Charlie Boy Interlude
15.Sway – World Class Interlude
16.Sway – A Month In The Summer
17.Statik Selekta ft MOP & Jadakiss – For The City
18.9th Wonder & Buckshot ft Talib Kweli – Hold It Down
19.Buff 1 – 2 Years 2 Albums Interlude
20.Finale - Runnin Back
21.Sway ft Baby Blue – Little Derek
22.DJ KO ft Talib Kweli, Torae & John Robinson – Someday
23.Bishop Lamont ft Bustah Rhymes – Kissin The Curb
24.88 Keys ft Kanye West – Stay Up Viagra
25.Buff 1 – Athletic Mic League Interlude
26.DJ Muggs & Planet Asia ft B Real – 9MM
27.Reef Da Lost Cause ft Marco Polo – I Wonder
28.D Shanks & Buff 1 – House of Horrors
29.Nina C & Sway Outro
30.Sway – Up Your Speed Remix

DPMS November 2008 - with Buff 1 and Sway
Another great show mixed for November, this time we reached out to two emcees who, at the time, were experiencing success and critical acclaim. Nina C of Rhythmic Visions was on board and helped by interviewing Sway. I remember meeting Sway for the first time in 2004, he had been in a group with Mr Ti2bs called ‘One’ and was doing his solo thing at the time.

His mixtape captured the imagination of the punters and he was an underground smash. This was before social media as we know it now, his graft was purely on foot and went up to people on the street to market his music. There were few who could match his hustle at the time.

D Shanks finally got to interview a very busy artist in Buff 1. His first album was excellent and when his second one was just as good, I wasted no more time and reached out to him for that interview. A few weeks later we got the all clear and got it done.

I’m particularly proud of this one as we produced a show that showcased some excellent UK music and put it together in an entertaining way, there were some great moments in this show that I hope you’ll enjoy!!