DPMS March 2010 - with Wu Tang Affiliate ‘Lord Superb’
 1.Lord Superb - Intro
 2.American Cream Team ft Raekwon & RZA – It’s Not A Game
 3.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - Black & White Interlude
 4.Lord Superb - Freestyle (DJ Thoro)
 5.Word Smith - Bad Guy (Produced by Show & Prove)
 6.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - Metaphorically Genius Interlude
 7.NYGZ's - Ready (Produced by Primo)
 8.CNN ft Raekwon – Luther
 9.Tony Touch ft Lord Superb & Raekwon - 50 Mc's freestyle
10.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - American Cream Team Interlude
11.Locksmyth - Paper Stacks
12.Maikal X – Escapade (Produced by Green Lantern)
13.American Cream Team - Middle Finger Attitude
14.Termanology - J Dilla Freestyle
15.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - Moving With Ghostface Interlude
16.Ghostface Killah ft Lord Superb - Goodtimes
17.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - Ghostface Beef Interlude
18.Slim ft. Red Cafe - Break U Down Remix
19.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - Ghost Dad Interlude
20.Eternia – Foul Child
21.Reflection Eternal ft Termanology & Royce 5'9 – Come Around
22.Ras Kass ft Doo Wop – If This World Was Mine (Produced by Pete Rock)
23.Lou Armstrong ft. Beanie Sigel - The Life We Live
24.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - Came, Saw, Conquered Interlude
25.Sticky Fingaz ft Lord Superb, Canibus, Rah Digga & Redman - The State vs Kirk Jones
26.Lord Superb ft Shorty Real - When It Rains It Pours
27.Ghostface Killah ft Lord Superb, Raekwon & Method Man – Flowers (Original Version)
28.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - Getting Weed With Tyson Interlude
29.CY Marshall ft DJ JS1 - Harder Than Thou
30.DJ Khalil & Chace Infinite – Deeper Roots
31.Inspector Deck ft Termanology & Planet Asia - Serious Rappin
32.Chambermusik & Lord Superb - Outro
33.Lord Superb – Get You Fresh

DPMS March 2010 - with Wu Tang Affiliate ‘Lord Superb’
Welcome to the Draft Pick Mix Show for March 2010 This month we have as Special Guest another talented Wu Tang Affiliate ‘Lord Superb’.

Lord Superb began his career as a member of the brilliant Raekwon inspired collective – The American Cream Team. I first heard them on the Tony Touch classic 50 MC’s vol.3 mixtape, then on Raekwon’s ‘Immobilarity’ album and then on a Kay Slay mixtape with the Middle Finger Attitude single. It all looked ready to pop off when they appeared on the ‘Black & White’ movie with Mike Tyson & Robert Downey Jr, but then ...nothing. So when G Clef (of Chambermusik.com) sends me an email saying ‘Do your thing Rulz’ with the Lord Superb exclusive interview vocals attached, I figure ... research time again!!

Weeks later And we’re ready to unleash another Draft Pick / Chambermusik presentation of back to back heat, mixed by yours truly. In this show we try to cover the main highlights of Lord Superb’s career so far from American Cream Team to Ghost writing for Ghostface (no pun intended) to working with Onyx to pursuing a solo career,