DPMS July 2009 - with Mystro & Genesis Elijah
 1.Mystro Intro
 2.Mystro - I Got This
 3.Klashnekoff ft Genesis Elijah – Jah Bless
 4.Genesis Elijah – Powerful Name Interlude
 5.AZ Freestyle
 6.Supreme – Back Where I Started
 7.Sick Jacken & Evidence – Classical
 8.Genesis Elijah – New Sound Interlude
 9.I know that song mate - click here
10.Joker Starr ft Genesis Elijah – Road Man Tune
11.Slaughterhouse ft MOP – Woodstock
12.Mystro – Thor
13.Mystro – Fuck The Taxman Interlude
14.Davinche – Rider
15.Shawty Lo ft Rick Ross & Bun B – 911
16.Alchemist ft Eminem – Chemical Warfare
17.Knew Rulz & Genesis Elijah – Inspiration Interlude
18.Astronote ft Pugz Atomz & Finale – We Mean Business
19.Hilltop Hoods ft Mystro – Trade Secrets
20.Mystro – Evolution Interlude
21.Mystro – I’m Hungry
22.DJ Honda ft Problemz – Da Payback
23.I know that song mate - click here
24.Mystro – I Like What This Guy’s Doin Interlude
25.Slum Village – Cloud 9
26.De La Soul ft Raheem Devaughn – Morning Rise
27.Yes King ft Tor, Mystro & Lady Chann – Crunch
28.Sha Stimuli ft Ne Yo – I Miss You
29.Roc C – J ust A Man
30.Genesis Elijah – Puttin In That Work Interlude
31.Soulstice & SBE ft Stef & Oddisee – Unfold
32.Wordsmith ft Genesis Elijah – Common Cause
33.Mystro – Natural Born Twitters Interlude
34.Reks – I Too America
35.Grand Puba ft Lord Jamar & Rell – I See Dead People
36.Mystro & Flows Outro
37.Michael Jackson Tribute

DPMS July 2009 - with Mystro & Genesis Elijah
This Mix featured the first of a few appearances by a UK music correspondent called Flowz. He did a marvellous job interviewing Mystro, then he went on to interview Kyza Smirnoff from Terrafirma and Skeme. Then his wife had twins and quite an easy decision was made that he wouldn’t have enough time to dedicate to the show...lol

The interview with Mystro was excellent and as usual we chopped that up and added it to the broth so to speak. I spoke to Genesis Elijah about his history and at the time, current movements. Since then, both have taken huge steps to fulfilling their potential.

This was also the first mix I had done since Michael Jackson died, for this reason I ended it with one of my favourite MJ songs. Later that year, I did a full 80 minute MJ tribute mix, maybe one day I’ll pull that out of the archives and upload it!!

As I have had to dig these out of the archives, there may have a few tracks missing from the tracklisting, but if you know the missing track please click the ‘I know this track mate’ and an email box will pop up where you can tell us the name of the artist and song.